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Frequently asked questions

How do I make a deposit?
To add funds on your account is very simple! Click on the “Deposit” button on top of the page (above the RAT / MOUSE image).
Our system will now generate a unique bitcoin address for 30 minutes.
Please send the amount you would like to add to your account via your bitcoin wallet to the address displayed in the specified time frame.Failing to respect our terms will forfeit your deposit.
Minimum deposit: $10 / 0,0021 BTC | Maximum deposit: $50,000 / 10.61 BTC (At the current rate, values may change, as BTC price is very volatile, but it won't change in USD, so consider our limits in USD instead of BTC).
As soon your transfer is visible on the blockchain the amount will be instantly added on your account balance.

I noticed that my account balance is in USD and not in BTC
Yes, that is correct. Every bitcoin transfer you make will be converted into USD and added on your account balance.
Bitcoin Rat Game always uses the current Bitcoin to USD exchange rate from
(As the bitcoin value is still unstable it’s very beneficial for every player to have a account balance in USD instead of BTC)

How can i make a withdrawal? (cashout)
You can withdraw funds from your account at any time!
Just click on the “withdraw” menu on top of the page (above the rat/mouse image). Enter the bitcoin address where you like to receive our transfer and let us know the amount you like to withdraw.
All withdrawals will be sent to your wallet after 1 hour and you will only be able to withdraw profits after your deposit reaches 1 confirmation on the blockchain.
This is to avoid potential double-spend frauds on our system by players.

Which wallet is the best to withdraw my funds?
We can highly recommend the Copay or wallets.
We do not recommend the use of coinbase! This service is not adding
transfers to your address instantly.

What is the minimum and maximum possible bet amount?
The min. bet is $10, the highest possible bet is 100$. You can always select your bet before ever new game.
Bidding steps: 10$, 20.00$, 50.00$, 100$.*
(*Bidding steps may vary)

What happens if I lose the internet connection during a game?
Our system records every game/game play at any given moment! If you would lose your internet connection just refresh the page and the game will continue from where it has stopped. and you can continue your game at the very same position (row). The game only ends in the moment you click on “take” to add a “profit” on your balance our you lost the game and “TRY AGAIN!” is displayed.

Is it allowed to have more then one account?
No! It’s strictly forbidden to create or use more then one account on Bitcoin Rat Game.
Unfortunately there are always attempts from users to manipulate our game or to cheat.
This measure helps us to protect our system from such behavior.

Can I use proxy or VPN services to play anonymously on Bitcoin Rat Game?
No! It’s strictly forbidden to use any VPN software or tool.
We need to be able to detect your IP & location.

Is there a free faucet ?

We do not have a free faucet, but we offer our users the ”Free Demo Play”. Users who don’t have funds in their account balance, can now enjoy the benefits of a ”Free Demo Play” . By clicking on the PLAY button you can have fun playing our game as many times as you want for FREE.

* The “Free Play” is a gift for all our players who currently don’t have funds on their account balance !