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Welcome to BitcoinRat Game!

BitcoinRat Game is a fun, cool and pretty addictive online game!
You can play in the free demo mode, or adding a deposit to play for real!

Win up to $75’512.– !

The BitcoinRat Game is very simple. It’s like a minesweeper game but you just have to move up one row at the time. The goal is to be able to pick the field (the rectangular cell with prize label) that has an oyster to be able to move up to the next row. If you pick the right field, your bet will increase based on the prize indicated on the field and you will be able to move up.

The amazing thing with BitcoinRat Game is, that you can just proceed to take the prize you have earned so far after clearing a row. You don’t need to complete all 10 rows to be able to claim your prize. You can stop after you clear even just the first row. The game is as simple as that but it’s a lot of fun!

In order to play, just click on the PLAY button to try our FREE DEMO or deposit bitcoins to play for real money !

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How to play BitcoinRat Game

Set your bet Click on play Choose between the left or the right field
1) Set your bet 2) Click on play 3) Select the left or right field

You won you-lost
You won! You lost!

add-your-win-to-your-account-balance Play higher rows for bigger profits
Click on “Take” to add your profit on your account balance. Try to reach higher rows for bigger profits

How to make a deposit (to play for real)

To add funds to your account to “play for real”, click on the deposit button on top of the page.
Select an option/crypto you would like to use to add funds to your account.

Currently, you can add funds via Bitcoin (minimum $10 USD).

Our support team is happy to guide and help you with your deposit transfer. You can talk with a team member using our contact form.

How to make a withdrawal/cashout

You can withdraw your winnings at any time! The withdraw menu is located on top of the page.
Click on “Withdraw” add your bitcoin address and select the amount you would like to withdraw.
Minimum withdrawal: $10.00

Free Play

If you don’t have funds on your account balance yet, you can always enjoy the benefits of a "Free Demo Play".
Just click on the PLAY button and have fun playing our exciting and addictive game.